Modernize Your Dev Environments on Cloud

Finally, Powerful Cloud-native Environments as Easy as Local

1-Click Standardized Dev Environments, Ready to Code

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Unlimited resource on cloud, similar to production
Centrally managed, easy to maintain and upgrade
Zero per-developer setup effort, onboard new eng instantly
Desktop IDEs or Web IDE, anywhere, anytime

Production-like and End-to-end, for Preview and Live Debugging

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Based on existing production configs, create on-demand environments
End-to-end multi-service environments with data fully automated
Debug and make changes directly in the environments, instant preview
Replace one service with your version for testing

Seamless Remote Collaboration, Coding, QA, and Demo

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Pair programming remotely in a running environment
Frontend-backend collaboration with external endpoints
Remote QA team end-to-end testing with live fixing
Cross-functional or customer demo with special configuration

Crafting for Kubernetes

Development on Kubernetes Made Easy
Crafting for Kubernetes
  • Develop in a production-like Kubernetes environment and iterate quickly
  • Use the same Kubernetes config files from production/staging
  • Per-developer self-contained Kubernetes environments running product end-to-end
  • Interactively code and see results immediately without re-launching containers
  • Launched on-demand with one-click and auto-suspended when not used

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Life-Cycle Management
  • On-demand dedicated namespaces
  • Easy setup, one-click launch
  • User-activity-based auto scale to zero
  • Scale back quickly in a minute
  • Pod on persistent volumes for stateful services
  • Auto clean-up
Instant Service Replacement
  • No config changes required
  • For any namespaces, shared or dedicated
  • On demand traffic interception with any pod
  • Virtually “replace” a Kubernetes service with dev version
  • Instant Iteration and live debugging, no rebuilding containers
  • Conditional interception in a shared namespace

Crafting with Cloud Resources

Develop Service-based and Serverless Components Together
Crafting with Cloud Resources
  • Access your cloud native resources in AWS, GCP easily via Identity Federation
  • Use Terraform to provision resources on-demand to run alongside your services in Sandbox
  • Seamlessly integrate cloud native resources into your code via ENV
  • Manage resource lifestyle automatically with sandbox to save cost

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Crafting for LLM

Develop, iterate, and productionize LLM-based features quickly
Crafting for LLM
  • One-click sandbox with all LLM tools, libraries, installed and ready to go
  • Jupyter notebook and IDE for coding and running experiments
  • Drag your data file to upload to sandbox or directly import your data from cloud
  • Easily integrate your code to testing UI with sharable URLs
  • Support human-in-the-loop feedback and save your test sessions for iteration
  • Directly serve your API with Crafting SaaS or build container to deploy in your cloud

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Full-fledged Dev Environments

Features to meet every team’s development needs
Linux containers
Powerful cloud machines
Services in own containers, connected via network
Access to cloud native components
Desktop IDE and web IDE
Full cloud or hybrid
Auto build and run
Ready-to-code instantly
Background file sync
End-to-end multi-service orchestration
Test data management
Request logging between services
Callback routing from 3rd party
Auto suspend inactive sandboxes
Optimized service placement with multi-tenancy
Team/User management
Single-sign-on (SSO)
SAML Login
Role-based access control (RBAC)
Sandbox auto launch from pull requests
Support any containers and dependencies
Directly work with cloud native resources
Integration with internal tools
SOC2 Type II
VPN support
Audit logs
Secret management
Https endpoints

Fits Right in Your Workflow

Crafting supports your current dev tools and integrates with your CI/CD workflow
Fits Right

Easy Setup for Your Whole Team

Setup once by one person, replicated many times by whole team
Guided process to setup, rich templates, config directly in YAML
Infer and import from existing configs (Docker, Kubernetes)
Easy Setup

Built-in Support for Popular Languages, Technologies, and Services

Start with ready-to-run templates, or
Fully customize your dev environment with any technologies you already use and love.

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Your production-like cloud dev environments, instantly.

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