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One-click multi-service dev environments

Pull request triggered preview environments

Hosted on our cloud with secure infrastructure

Unlimited # of sandboxes/workspaces

Built-in dependency services

100 workspace hours per month

Limited to 10 users per organization

Throttling may apply for CPU/memory


Tailored solution for your company


Full-featured sandbox system

Full customization on your dev environments

Crafting for Kubernetes

Crafting with your cloud resources

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Team management, SAML login

Integration with your internal tools

Self-hosted on your cloud or SaaS on ours

Dedicated support channel

SOC2 Type II report available upon request

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Multi-service sandboxes for your end-to-end product
Sandbox templates to make dev environments managable and ready with one click
Built-in dependencies for common services like Postgres, Redis, Kafka, etc. to directly add to your sandbox
Custom containers to include in your sandbox to support your services
Fully customizable workspaces supporting snapshots or custom container images
Powerful cloud machines to overcome resource limit from local computer
Data snapshots for containers and dependencies to get your test data ready automatically
Internet facing HTTPS endpoint to access services in your sandbox for testing and integration, authenticated with SSO
Secret management to save your dev credentials securely
Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google and GitHub
SOC2 Type II certified for security
Web IDE or Desktop IDEs (VS Code, IntelliJ, RubyMine, PyCharm, GoLand, etc.) to directly connect to cloud machine to code
Hybrid mode by syncing local code to cloud: code locally, run on the cloud
Hybrid mode by replacing a single service in sandbox with your local running service: code and run a service locally, with all context and dependencies running on cloud
Auto mode to follow your code branch in sandbox for preview
Integration with your CI flow to automate sandbox creation and deletion
On-demand Kubernetes environments for preview and testing, lifecycle management
Sync code to Kubernetes for development
Traffic interception for Kubernetes to instantly iterate end-to-end with your dev version of service
Conditional routing to let each developer replace the services they want to test with their dev version only for their testing traffic, sharing a common base to save resources
Request logger for recording all requests into services in sandbox, inspect them, and resend with optional modification
Support cloud native resources like AWS SQS, Lambda to run integrate with container-based services
Identity Federation with cloud providers for per-dev access to cloud resources without credentials
Launch sandboxes directly from your dockerfile and/or docker-compose
Terraform support for managing templates and cloud resources
Managed self-hosting to remove maintenance burden on dev cluster
Activity-based auto-suspension to save resource on dev cluster
Dev cluster resource auto-scaling for management and resource saving
Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and folder support to manage large teams
Audit support on user access for compliance
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Frequently Asked Questions

All workspaces in an active sandbox will count towards workspace hours. E.g. if a sandbox has three workspace running actively for an hour, it counts as 3 workspace hours. We have auto-suspend feature to suspend unused sandboxes to save resources.

We understand early startups, please reach out to us and we have special discounts for early stage startups.

Yes we can work with public or private git repos. For repos outside of GitHub, you can't leverage our GitHub integration but you can still use sandboxes with your code using other access mechanisms.

Yes. VPN access can be easily configured in your workspaces so that the engineers can have secure access to your internal networks for the development work.

Yes! We have security in mind deeply rooted in our design, and we follow the best security practice. That's why we have a clean pass on SOC2 Type II audit (report available upon request). Source code hosted in the cloud is safe even when employee's laptop is lost.

We support self-hosting for enterprise customers. Currently AWS and GCP are supported please contact us to talk about your specific case.


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